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This is our debut Album. All songs are original, except for our rendition of the old favorite "Ol' Slewfoot".
We recorded this in mine and Pete's old high school with help from our friend and band director J.D Latorre. Songs were recorded live with no tracking.
We take great pride in this record, though our sound has changed a bit over the past year, but what hasn't changed over the last year?
Enjoy friends and take care, hope to see you in person sometime soon.


released October 2, 2012

All songs written and performed by the Hocking River String Band.



all rights reserved


The Hocking River String Band Logan, Ohio

Hocking County Ohio bluegrass country.
High octane original music!

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Track Name: Down River
On the water after midnight, the banks are caving in
the fish can't swim and the trees won't grow
and i'm sitting here again.

And i'll float on down the river, just the same

There's 40 feet of snow outside, that's just where we are
snowed into a tiny home, never torn apart

And I'll float on down the river, just the same

Seasons are changing, we'll never see again
Hoping when we look back we'll remember what we did

And i'll float on down the river just the same
Track Name: The Elephant in the room
Tell me one more time my dear
because i don't think i heard you well
it sounds like you said goodbye
as far as i could tell

Ol' Brown whisk y in my glass
I'm feeling kinda low, so I'm thinkin' bout the past
So i fill my guts with ol' Jim Beam
and I fill my lungs with nicotine
so darlin' when i see you, i wont be afraid to hear you, when you tell me one more time you said goodbye

Pour me one more drink my dear
'cause i dont think i heard you well
it sounded like you said goodbye
as far as i could tell
Track Name: Joe and Norma Jean
I'll be Joe DiMaggio and you can be my dark haired Norma Jean
we'll live out in the country, we'll be living off of bread and string beans

But babe you gotta give me a chance
'cause you know that we may never get another chance to dance

I'll be Super Mario and you can be my little Princess Peach
I'll keep you safe from evil doers get ourselves a castle on the beach
Maybe I'll be Steamboat Willy and you can be my little delta queen
we'll bounce between the river banks and stop at every port we've ever seen


I'll be running circles untill my heart gets tired and sore
You give me that little look that always keeps coming back for more


Babe you gotta give me a chance!
Track Name: Autumn Waltz
The daytime was made for the workers
they build the roads and the houses we know
the night time was made for the lovers
we hide inside when there's no place to go

cause its closer, closer my dear
follow me down to the fire
the evening air is so sweet
and the night could be ours for a while

As the sun went down o'er the hills of the Hocking
I closed my eyes and felt the warm breeze
I thought of my girl, and her gold curls a-shining
I close my eyes and fall on my knees


When summers here, we count up the days
nighttime we count up our dreams
when fall comes and the harvest comes in
things aren't as bad as they seem


Last summer you told m you'd call
I waited right there by the phone
the shutters closed, the light all turned off
and i cried all night long there alone
a letter left on my door
a suit case left there on the floor
a long cold winter alone
no chance of seeing my home
so save me, save me my dear
I'm not strong enough here alone

Track Name: White boots
Through the desert, so dry dodging the rain
the only time it gets me is when i cant feel the pain
my boots painted white, my emotion the same
the men we killed yesterday still don't have a name

some say the angel will come down and rescue my soul
if death be a woman, then this is beyond my control

The taste of a bourbon and a good cigarette
would leave a man blind to his every regret
the hot summer sun, the boots i call home
are leaving me alive and so very alone.


The say you cant go back, but good lord you know that I've tried
the looks on the faces of thousands who know that i lied

Track Name: Old Milwaukee Blues
Well I'mm drinking Old Milwaukee in my room
My wife she just went crazy then she chased me off with a broom
i guess i should just learn to keep to myself
and tell he that Im going to the bar all by myself

Well im walking my ol' drunk ass to the bar
i left my keys inside you know i couldnt my car
the cops cant get me now its after 4
just point me in the right direction just shove me out through the door

Well i spilled some Ol' Milwaukee on my shoes
you know this always happens everytime that i get loose
i guess i should get dressed and go to bed
and lay that fluffy pillow right beneath my stupid head
Track Name: Winters lament
the trees are swaying now
and the evenings fast approaching
and the snow is falling down
is this the end of pain or just the beginning

my bird died hours ago
and there ain't light for ten miles up the road
we got forty feet of coal we shout
they ain't got the men to dig us out

i'm sorry baby for this life I chose

well the temperature is dropping low
bundle up boys its time for winter
worse than we've ever known
if I don't make it tell my girl I love her

we're sick and tired
and damned near thirty miles from any road
say your prayers boys
and ask god to save your souls

I'm sorry baby for this life I chose

sorry I must leave you now
to face the world and all of its sorrows
if you have a message for your long lost love
write it in the snow

I'm sorry baby for this life I chose
Track Name: Back pocket bible
My Mamma taught me patience, my Daddy helped me grow up
He was staring at me over a morning paper looking over his coffee cup.
he told me about the world, the he said son go do your best
and ill be there to help you with the rest.

I hide my bible in my back pocket, my heart under my sleeve
i keep my conscience up above my shoulders like my Daddy taught me
Mamma's got her home-cooking and hopes that i wont leave
but Daddy knows the road is home for me

There's a few things in life that im sure i understand
like opening doors for ladies and helping your fellow man
instead of doing just enough you can go do what you can
and all your work will pay off in the end